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Edit Renewal

Besides content-related aspects of literature, history, and scholarly history, Huygens ING research also focuses on editing practices. After a long history of published material from historical sources and literary editions in familiar printed serials, the institute now focuses mainly on the methods and practices of editing in the digital age. Developments in the field of Digital Humanities enable new approaches in the field of textual analysis. A close cooperation between the researchers and the Digital Data Management department of the Huygens ING and the Digital Infrastructure department of the KNAW Humanities Cluster will hopefully produce advanced, flexible, and sustainable solutions for the development, annotation, and publication of editions. This should not only engender new forms of editions and published sources, but also guarantee optimal consultation possibilities of current text editions by visitors of our data sets and editions in the future. This is an area in which the Huygens ING distinguishes itself in an innovative way in the existing landscape of humanities research and Digital Humanities.