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Repertorium van teksten in het Handschrift-van Hulthem

In the Repertorium van teksten in het Handschrift-van Hulthem: hs. Brussel, Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België, 15.589-15.623, a variety of data can be found on all texts that the Hulthem manuscript, the “Night Watch of Middle Dutch Literature,” contains: the location of the individual texts in the manuscript, their mottos , incipits, explicits and closing formulas, a paraphrase of their content. The Repertorium also offers data about the authors of the texts, type of text, form and size and much more.

The Repertorium was created by Greet Jungman and Hans Voorbij and was published in 1999 by Uitgeverij Verloren. A paper book for the introductory texts, added with a CD-ROM with the Repertorium. However, the CD-ROM can no longer be used on most modern computers. To enable online access in the future, Huygens ING has stored the data and software from the CD-ROM in a so-called “virtual machine”. This virtual machine can be downloaded at GitHub, where also a step-by-step instruction can be found. Uitgeverij Verloren still has the book with introductory texts in stock. Please visit their website via the link on the right.