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Medieval Palaeographic Scale (MPS)

Many medievalists know the problem that their primary sources, medieval manuscripts, the time and place of their manufacturings are often unknown.
These data, which are essential for research, can often only be reconstructed on the basis of writing, and to this day only a handful of specialists are capable of doing so. In this project, a ‘yardstick’ will be constructed on the basis of carefully selected writings from the Netherlands, the date and location of which are known, to make it possible to place undated and unlocalised sources. This will be done with the application of traditional palaeographical expertise, as present at the Huygens Institute for Dutch History and the Medieval History Department of the University of Amsterdam, in combination with learning computer programs that can process handwriting, as developed at the Department of Artificial Intelligence of the University of Groningen. It is expected that this will result in software that is capable of automatically applying that paleographic yardstick. When such a program is operable, it can be expanded for international use.