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Department History of Science and Scholarship
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Irene is a researcher on ‘The Art of Reasoning: Techniques of Scientific Argumentation in the Medieval Latin West (400-1400)’ project. She is a specialist in the intellectual history of the Middle Ages, with particular interests in the history of dialectic and rhetoric, medieval classical reception, manuscript studies, and the history of political thought. She has recently published a monograph entitled ‘John of Salisbury and the medieval Roman renaissance’ (Manchester University Press, 2018) and has contributed a chapter entitled ‘The Classical Revival’ to ‘The European Book in the Twelfth Century’ (ed. E. Kwakkel, R. Thomson, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

Her current research concerns the use of visual and schematic devices in the medieval school and university classroom. She has a second monograph in preparation on the function of diagrams in the study of Ciceronian rhetoric in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and has published several articles on this theme. She is also working on the development and applications of theological schemata, such as the ‘Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi’ of Peter of Poitiers, and the so-called ‘Arbor caritatis et misericordiae’ (John Rylands Library, Latin MS 18).

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