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Department History
Specialization Comparative political-institutional history / legal history (administrative law; police ordinances) of the Low Countries 1550-1800; early modern political culture


Annemieke Romein obtained her PhD at Erasmus University in 2016 on a comparative study of the political terminology of fatherland, patria and patriot in Hessen-Kassel, Gulik and Bretagne. In 2017 she received an NWO Rubicon grant with which she worked in Ghent from September 2017 to February 2020 on a project on political-institutional / legal history, a comparison between the regions of Flanders and Holland between 1576-1702. She was also project leader of the Digital Humanities “Entangled Histories” project at the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague; here she was as a Researcher-in-Residence from May to October 2019. From 2020 she will be working at Huygens ING where she will continue her research into early modern provincial regulations with her NWO Veni project ‘A Game of Thrones?’. This is a comparison between Holland, Guelders and Bern in the period 1576-1702.

Publications (selection):

– Romein, C.A., “Vaterland, patria und Patriot in den Rechtsangelegenheiten Hessen-Kassels (1647-1655)”, in Denzler, E. Franke & B. Schneider (Eds.), Prozessakten, Parteien, Partikularinteressen Höchstgerichtsbarkeit in der Mitte Europas vom 15. bis 19. Jahrhundert (Bibliothek Altes Reich, 17). (Oldenbourg: De Gruyter, 2015), pp. 117–136. DOI Chapter.
– Romein, C.A. (2019), ‘Blood sports and festivities in legislative provincial publications. Ordinances in Gelderland’s ‘plakkaatboek’ 1582-1699’, in Nieuwe Tijdingen 3 p. 121-136.
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– C.A. Romein, “Fatherland Rhetoric and the ‘threat of absolutism’: Hesse-Cassel and the Reichskammergericht (1646-1655)” The Seventeenth Century 29:3 (2014), pp. 277-292.
– C.A. Romein, ‘Gulik: dynastieke belangen, oorlog en welvaart. De woordkeuze van de getrouwe patriot 1642-1652.’ Handelingen van de Koninklijke Zuid-Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Taal- en Letterkunde en Geschiedenis. Jaargang 68 (2014), pp. 139-150.

– Romein, C.A.; Veldhoen, S.; de Gruijter, M. (2020), Digitised, searchable books of ordinances from the Low Countries.

Research projects